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Side, modern Selimiye, principal city and port of ancient Pamphylia, originally situated on the Mediterranean coast west of the mouth of the Manavgat River, in southwestern Turkey. (The site is now inland.) Though the city was founded by Aeolian Greeks, a peculiar non-Greek language was spoken there. Having a good natural harbour and two artificial harbours for larger vessels, it was the most important port in Pamphylia.

Side, which is always preferred for summer holidays and has always worth discovering because it is a town from ancient times, is among the regions that should be visited and spent time. Side, whose history can be traced until 7th century BC, but is thought to have a much older history than this, was dominated by many empires such as Lydia, Persia, Rome, and Seljuk.  Since the word Side means "Pomegranate", it is a settlement that is thought to date back to the Hittites  with the researches made on this  region together.

According to legend Side is named after the goddess of fertility and nature, Side, which also means pomegranate. The story goes that Side was walking along the Manavgat River with her little daughter and her nymphs. They picked flowers and passsed a tree with thin branches, shiny leaves and colourful flowers.

When Side broke off a branch for her daughter, the tree started bleeding. Side understands that the tree is a nymph who has disguised herself as a tree to escape evil people, and she becomes sad. She  wants to leave but her feet are stuck in the ground. From her feet bark starts growing and she begins to take the form of a tree. The nymphs become very sad and their tears wet Side’s roots. “I have done something wrong”, says Side, “from now on with my many bloodcoloured fruits I will be a symbol of nature, life and fertility. Let my daughter come here often to play in my shadow. Let her not ruin any tree, maybe any tree or flower is a god in disguise”. Since then pomegranates spread all over the peninsula and the pomegranate on coins and walls became the emblem of ancient Side.

Between now and then , If you're looking for a mix of beach time and great history, the resort town of Side is one of the best places to visit on Turkey's Mediterranean coast to enjoy all the history and of course a great modern holiday .

All you need is rent a car in antalya now and start your journey .

More than anything else, though, Side is a place to relax and enjoy the sunshine, and hanging out on the beach is the most popular thing to do.

You can book a private transfer to start exploring around this mangificent beauty of Side.

Although the beaches in town do get packed during the summer months, if you have your own transport such a rental car or a private transfer  , you'll find plenty of less crowded strips of sand within easy reach.

For ideas on what not to miss while here, use our list of the top attractions and things to do in Side.

Book your private transfer and start with: the Temples of Apollo and Athena : During the Roman era, this town became an important commercial center, and it was only when the harbor began to silt up in the 7th century that the town was eventually abandoned.

Explore Side's Vast Roman Theater : The Roman Theatre at Side (Turkey) was built in the 2nd century, c. 175 CE. The theatre is the most complete ruin at Side which is the largest in the Roman style in the region. It could seat around 15,000 people an amazing historical place to see and enjoy , you can get your private driver to take you early morning , the sunrise is Magical .

Enjoy the East Beach of side : These days, Side is more famous for its sun and warmth than

its history. During the summer months of endless blue skies,  travelers from all over the world book their private transportation and flock to the town to flop out on the sand of the many beaches lining the surrounding coast.

The closest, and most popular, strip of sand, though, is right in town. East Beach is a buzzing place packed with sun loungers, restaurants, and cafés, and offers everything you need for a full day of sunning, relaxing, and a good tan .

With a chaffeured car service , you will get to see all the place and enjoy every detail

Go for a Picnic at the Manavgat Waterfalls:the waterfalls sit upon the Manavgat River, which rises in the Seytan Mountain Range of the Taurus Mountains.

you can ask your Private transfer driver to drop you off by the side walk and enjoy the walk.

Set amid a landscaped garden, the area is hugely popular with both local families and tourists especially on sunny weekends. Try to pick a weekday for a visit if you'd prefer the site to be less crowded.

But if you wish to go on weekends , you can book an instant private car that can provide you the fastest ride to the picnic without having to deal with the traffic .

You can walk right up to the falls using a network of gangways to get close-up views. The thunderous roar of the water is a dramatic soundtrack to a visit here.

Raft the River of Köprülü Canyon : This is the top spot in the region for white-water rafting trips, and half-day rafting trips are easy to arrange in both Side and Antalya.

If you're not fond of getting wet, the national park area has plenty of hiking options for you or, if you just want to admire the dramatic gorge scenery, there are cafés scattered along the riverside where you can relax and enjoy the sun .

Visit Side Museum : back to history lovers , Side Museum may be a little bit small but it offers a well curated collection, and it is worth seeing simply to have a look at the building itself .

Day Trip to the Ruins of Seleucia : The ruins lie one kilometer above the village of Bucak Seyler, about 15 kilometers north of Side (reached from Side via the Manavgat Waterfalls).

The rambling ruins are enclosed within a pine forest, which gives the site a charming lost-in-time ambience.

Many other places that you can discover once you start exploring Side .

Where to stay in Side ?

There are many options for you to chose where to stay depending on your personal preferences and of course on your budget :

Luxury Hotels: 5 stars hotel that provides plenty of resort-style pampering with its swath of private beaches , sprawling pools , and a high-class spa and turkish bath for massages and luxurious treatments , of course there's a gym and restaurants that usually is all meals inclusive with different type of cuisine you can get there by booking your VIP private transfer service from antalya airport , and enjoy your luxurious ride .

Mid-Range & Budget Hotels: for more close and intimate stay in the town , a genuine welcome and warmth and the rooftop terrace with views across to the Temple of Apollo. All of Side's major historic monuments are easily walked to from here and breakfast is included.

You can also find smaller boutiques and budget hotels where you can spend your holiday on a budget and still enjoy the beauty of this historical tresor .

And even if you are travelling on budget , you still can enjoy the privacy of your trip , and book your Economic private transfer from Antalya airport to your hotel

You can always get in touch with us through contact us by email or Whatsapp if you need any help or guidance during your stay . we will be happy to make your holiday enjoyable .

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